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Welcome! My name is Kristin and I am the founder of Easy Going Sewing. 


I started teaching sewing classes back in 2014, but I’ve been sewing ever since I was a child. I began to teach sewing because I decided to create a business around things I love, which are sewing and working with creative people. I liked the idea of showing people how fun and creative sewing can be. Sharing my passion for sewing has been the most fulfilling adventure that I have undertaken, other than being a mom. 


At Easy Going Sewing, our goal is to make learning to sew as fun and engaging as possible. Our courses start at the beginner level and have open enrollment for students aged 8 years or older. 


** Each class has an average size of 4 students per instructor in order to preserve the quality of individual experiences. **


We offer weekday and weekend classes for adults and kids, as well as Winter Break Camps and Summer Camps for students at our studio in the northeast Atlanta/Spaghetti Junction area.


Our 101 to 105 level courses help students master the basics of how to use a sewing machine and improve the sewing skills that pupils already have. These classes will also introduce the concept of how to read commercial pattern instructions. 


** Every class will include a class supplies list or an included supplies kit. **


For more experienced sewing hobbyists, project-specific sewing classes are offered frequently throughout the year. 


What are you waiting for? Sign up today for one of our classes and let's learn to sew!


Kristin Gipson

Email or call today! 404-914-0618

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