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Easy Going Sewing began in 2014 as one after-school class per week. We now offer weekday and weekend classes for adults and kids, as well as winter break camps and eight weeks of summer camps in the northeast Atlanta/Spaghetti Junction area.


Kid classes and camps are taught with no more than 4 students per instructor and are designed to grow with the student. Students pick their own projects, with our guidance, and progress quickly to using commercial patterns. Most of our kid's classes include everything they need, including fabric. This saves parents time and money. Just show up, learn, and create!


Adult classes are designed with your busy schedule in mind. Learn the basics of how to use your machine, read commercial pattern instructions, or improve the skills you already have. Adult beginner classes are also taught with no more than 4 students per instructor, Intermediate workshops may have 6 students per instructor. 


What are you waiting for? Learn to sew!


Kristin Gipson

Email or call today! 404-914-0618

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