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Sewing 105 Pattern Prep




2 Hours

About the Class

Learn to use a commercial sewing pattern. Everything you will need is included in this class. Just show up and learn.

In this class you will:

  1. Learn how to take accurate body measurements.

  2. Learn to understand information on pattern envelopes, including sizing, fabric requirements, and notions.

  3. Learn to choose and prepare the pattern pieces you need for your chosen project.

  4. Learn to make simple design or fit changes. Examples: lengthen or shorten sleeves, pant legs or bodice.

  5. Learn to lay out your fabric and pattern and mark it properly to prepare for cutting your fabric. 

Skills Required:

Sewing 101-103 or equivalent skills. Equivalent skills would be knowing how to confidently thread and use a sewing machine as well as the experience of having sewn a few beginner projects, such as drawstring/tote bag, pillow/pillowcase, or similar. If you are unsure, just ask! You can email us at

Supplies Included:

  • Fabric

  • Pattern

  • Measuring tape

  • Elastic

  • Marking tools

Your Instructor

Kristin Gipson

Kristin Gipson

Kristin is the owner of Easy Going Sewing and has been sewing by machine since the age of ten. Kristin loves to share her passion for sewing with others and believes that creating or building things by hand empowers a person and bolsters self-esteem. Kristin is a Burda Certified Sewing Instructor and has been teaching people to sew since 2014.

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