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Waistband Alteration Workshop




2.5 Hours

About the Class

Do your jeans gape at the back waist, or is the waistband too tight? Take this class and learn methods for making your pants fit better.


  • Sewing 101 thru 104 or equivalent skills. You must be familiar with operating a sewing machine and sewing a straight and curved seam to take this class. Instructor will not have time for teaching basic sewing machine operation.


  • Student MUST supply at least one pair of pants to use in class. I recommend bringing one or two pairs of pants that you don't care about. You might pick up a pair at a thrift store/garage sale, or one from your giveaway pile. That way you can learn the techniques on a trial basis and avoid mistakes on pants you love. You will be cutting and sewing on the pants you bring. You will go home with new skills and some examples of ways to alter a waist for fit.


  • Sewing machine, but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • Shears, but you may bring your own.

  • Pins/clips

  • Thread

  • Elastic

Your Instructor

Kristin Gipson

Kristin Gipson

Kristin is the owner of Easy Going Sewing and has been sewing by machine since the age of ten. Kristin loves to share her passion for sewing with others and believes that creating or building things by hand empowers a person and bolsters self-esteem. Kristin is a Burda Certified Sewing Instructor and has been teaching people to sew since 2014.

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