Thank you for your interest in classes at Easy Going Sewing! We're looking forward to sewing with you. We are taking every precaution to keep ourselves and our students safe. Please read all of the following information carefully.


The following social distancing measures will be followed during classes:

  • A properly worn face covering is required for attendance in all of our classes and camps. Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times while in the building. We do our best to physically distance ourselves during class, but there are times when we will be in close proximity with each other. Removal of masks briefly for sipping beverages is allowed. Easy Going Sewing  has the right to suspend services due to failure to wear a proper mask in class.

  • No sick students or teachers will be permitted.

  • Lunches (during camps) will be eaten outside when possible, and if not, at work stations. Proper physical distancing will be monitored and encouraged at all times.

  • A fan will be used in each room to increase airflow.

  • Cleaning of all tools, surfaces, machines, etc will happen throughout the day and each evening after camp.

Please wash your hands upon arrival to the studio. We are diligently cleaning the studio between sessions.

See you soon!