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Summer Camps 2024





Camps are now divided into two groups of 6-8 students. 


** All of the students will be in the same room, keeping siblings and friends together. Additionally, everyone will take breaks and lunches at the same times **

There are now two choices for camps each week. Please carefully read the options so you sign up for the camp of your choice.

Sewing Basics Camp

  • Children aged 8 years through 17 years will learn to sew using a sewing machine and make a variety of projects. 

  • Price includes class instruction, fabric, sewing machine use, and all supplies. 

    • Students may bring their own sewing machine.

  • Skills Required: None.


** The number of projects each student finishes during a session will depend upon the skill level of the student and the difficulty of the projects they choose **


Anyone aged 8-17 may take the Sewing Basics Camp as many times as they would like to. We have lots of projects and fabric!

Themed Sewing Camp

  • Kids aged 11-17 years will learn advanced techniques and elevate their sewing skills. 

  • Skills Required: At least one full week of Sewing Basics Camp, or two months of weekday or weekend sewing classes. Students must have a solid foundation of sewing skills before attending themed camps.


Themes for 2024 include: 

  1. Backpack

  2. CargoPants/Skirt

  3. Crossbody Bag

  4. Duffel Bag 

Kids aged 11-17 may take the themed camps as many times as they would like to, as the repetition will help them to build solid sewing skills.


Bonus, there are new themes each summer!





Easy Going Sewing Studio

3835 Presidential Parkway

Suite 102

Atlanta, GA 30340

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