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Beginner Clothing - Shirts
Parts 1 and 2


$85 each


Two 3-Hour Classes

About the Course

Beginner Clothing - Shirt

Learn the basics of making your own clothing from commercial patterns in this fun two-part workshop. Sweatshirts and Tshirts are a great place to begin! Beginners will learn a lot about clothing construction and sewing with stretch knits. Ready to learn?

Part 1

In this 3-hour workshop, students will:

  • Choose pattern and fabric

  • Take measurements 

  • Prepare pattern pieces

  • Make minor fit changes, if needed

  • Cut and mark fabric

  • Start sewing the project

Part 2

In this 3-hour workshop, students will:

  • Finish the project they started in Part 1

SKILLS REQUIRED for Parts 1 and 2:

  • How to operate a sewing machine

  • Skills learned in “Learn to Sew 101” 

  • Be familiar with the concept of laying out a pattern “on grain”. (We teach this in “Learn to Sew 102” and “Learn to Sew” 103. 

  • If you aren’t sure you have the skills you need for this, or any of our classes, just ask!

SUPPLIES LIST for Parts 1 and 2:

  • Please bring your own Pins and Fabric Scissors

SUPPLIES INCLUDED for Part 1 and 2:

  • Pattern, Fabric, and Thread

  • Sewing Machines : Use ours or bring your own

  • Measuring Tape

  • Marking Tools



9020 (Drop shoulder Tshirt)

9651 (Crew neck Tshirt)

8613 (Crew neck raglan Tshirt)

9240 (Raglan pullover sweatshirt)


6207 (Classic raglan Tshirt)

Your Instructor

Kristin Gipson

Kristin Gipson

Kristin is the owner of Easy Going Sewing and has been sewing by machine since the age of ten. Kristin loves to share her passion for sewing with others and believes that creating or building things by hand empowers a person and bolsters self-esteem. Kristin is a Burda Certified Sewing Instructor and has been teaching people to sew since 2014. When she isn't sewing she likes to spend time outdoors, and especially loves mountain biking and camping.

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